Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harold Ritchie from A Loft of Books in Alliston has been keeping us up to date on the sales of Lucky Strike. His report:

July 7
The book tally at 4.15 P.M. July 11 is 81 (we are closing in on the 100.) It's always a pleasure to sell Lucky Strike as the first book of the day.
Harold Ritchie

July 13
Here are the scores for the races today, total in the lead at 84 - Lucky Strike in second place with 2, Harry Potter in the lead at 3 - another order of Lucky Strike 10 more. This update was brought to you by the Alliston Racing Form as off 12 noon to day. Harold

July 13 – reply
The bookie at Cormorant Harbour is putting odds 6 to 1 in favour of Lucky Strike over H.P. in the overall race, with a short rally by H.P. this week.
Cyril ("Bopper") Bizwanger has a sterling track record, having called the Charles/Camilla wedding date, the Harper/Martin election, the Stronach/MacKay break-up and the annual Cormorant Harbour Lobster weigh-in (seven years running).
So, we're betting the farm on L.S.
Keep us updated.

July 14
Here are the 3 P.M. race results for Sat. July 14th.
The track was muddy but the horses were hot to trot.
The seventh race was spectacular! As Harry Potter surged out of the gate leaving most of the other horses behind in a spray of mud and water, the jockey J.K.R. goaded her horse to lead the pack until the three quater mark. Suddenly Lucky Strike pounded the track with amazing speed to take the lead. The crowd were in a frenzy, cheering, screaming, jumping up and down. Lucky Strike passed the finish line to the roar of thousands. The jockey Wood Wilson said it was the most elated feeling she had ever had. Lucky Strike paid 90 to 1 (total books) and Harry Potter finished last as her jockey slide from the saddle, to land face down in the mud. The horse crossed the finish line alone 3 minutes later.
Harry Potter was pegged at 60 to 1 to win, but was disqualified.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Beaver Harbour, Nova Scotia. June 30, 2007:
When Pat Wilson and Kris Wood decided to launch their new book, “Lucky Strike”, they chose the venue of their book for the occasion - the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. As Father Donald, “Lucky Strike’s” winsome priest might have said, “Oh my stars! Oh my soul!” The afternoon turned out to be more like an old-fashioned Maritime kitchen party than a book launch. McCourt's Oceanside Retreat Studio was bulging at the seams as friends, neighbours, tourists, passers-by and the idle curious dropped in. More than fifty people enjoyed home-made cookies, lemonade and the ever-flowing pots of coffee and tea. The fabulous view, the glorious sunny day and the non-stop laughter and conversation kept the party going. By the end of the afternoon, the entire stock of “Lucky Strike” was sold out and pre-orders were taken for the next shipment. As Dawn McCourt, owner of the Oceanside Retreat Studio said, “If we ever do this again, I’m going to have to clone myself. This was the busiest day we’ve ever had!”